If I Had To Start From The Beginning This Is Exactly What I'd Do Today

Hey cuz, it’s Andy Jenkins here.

Today, I want to talk to you about the most frequent questions I get about Internet Marketing and how I answer them. So, here’s how this usually goes down.

It seems like most of the marketing seminars I go to or speak at are held at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. On the fourth floor, there’s this outdoor roof deck club called Float. And, I have to tell you, I love this place. It’s got a great view of the city. There are fire pits and comfy couches. And, the DJs there are no joke.

So, to wind down after an event, I usually end up at a private table where there are very attentive servers that bring me perfectly mixed Mojitos. Mm-hm… Mojitos. It’s a really good time, especially because I get to chill out with the attendees and talk about whatever’s on their minds. At first, it’s kind of all small talk. Then, after the polite how’ve you beens, I like that shirt, and nice hair kind of questions and comments, they get down to business.


What they ask is, “Uh, so cousin.
If you had to start over from scratch or you were a beginner,
exactly what would you do to start making money online?”

Now, the people that ask me this question usually know my background. I’ve been marketing products and services on the interwebs for about 12 years now. I’ve sold everything from collectable swords to movie props and bar stools, Tiffany lamps, wall tapestries, software services, how-to information, marketing education, membership sites, DVDs, CDs, and all my video courses. I’ve even done marketing campaigns for custom engraved decorative brick for Nascar.

You know, like the little bricks you used to be able to get at Walt Disney World with your family name on them. Then, they put them into the entrance walkway at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. So anyway, they figure I’ve been around. But, more importantly, to them I’ve sold to very different and unique markets with consistent success.

But, it’s kind of funny because, as soon as my mouth starts to open to answer their
question, they cut me off and start giving me a list of hypothetical rules to follow.

Rule #1

I do not have a list of email subscribers.

Now, in a little bit, you’ll find out why I find that rule to be so
ironic. But, I’ve gotta play the role and pretend that I’ve never
gotten that one before, so I just start to stir my Mojito nervously.
But, they’re not done. They continue.

Rule #2

I do not have any joint venture partners or
affiliates that will promote me.

Okay, fine. No problem. I nod, indicating that I understand.

So, now they’re encouraged and they pile on more rules.

Rule #3

Nobody knows who you are. You’d have to change your name and not use your brand or reputation.

No problem there. Trust me, between you and me, there

are days when being Andy Jenkins gives me more grief than good.
But, I throw my forehead into a unibrow. Ya know, to keep the
tension up.

Then, they pause and get this thoughtful look. Oh yeah. They’re
thinking it out. I just cross my arms and grin at them. I’ve
done this before. So, I wait patiently and pretend that what comes

out of their mouth next is going to be a total surprise. If I were a
great actor, I’d force myself to break out in a sweat. You know,
just to make them feel like they’re about to stump me.

Anyway, they unleash Rule #4:

You don’t even have a product to sell.

Since I can’t sweat on demand, I let their question hang in
the air in total silence. And, except for the house music
thundering in the club, it’s like a stare down contest. Now, they
always flinch first and blurt out another question, which turns out
to be the real question. And, that question is, “If you could only
concentrate on one marketing strategy, what would it be?”

So, without hesitation, and with Mojito inspired confidence, I give them a 3 letter answer. I say GDL.

Let me tell ya, that gets a response. You know how a family dog turns its head to the side when you talk human to it? It’s like the Scooby Doo reaction.

Now, as an internet marketing fellow, I’m known for a lot of things like Search Engine Optimization, conversion testing and analytics, E-commerce, copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, branding, and I’m pretty well known for video marketing strategies. So, when I say GDL, they’re really surprised.

And, that’s when I know I’ve got their attention. GDL stands for.

“Get Da Lead”

Now, let me explain. Remember, when I’m talking to these folks, I’m usually standing around a fire pit on a rooftop in downtown San Diego, so I don’t have the visual aids that I’m about to show you.

iContact is just one of the email autoresponders and broadcasting services that I use to send email out to my newsletter subscribers. I’m in the browse contacts section of this software. I just randomly picked a contact so we can check out some really important stats. By the way, I blurred out the email address for obvious reasons. Okay, as you can see above, I’ve got this search filter set to show how many times this person has opened up an email that I’ve sent them.

Now, according to the software, they’ve opened an email from me about 98 times.

The question is, how much money is that worth to me?

So, let’s get some perspective. I say to the person, I ask them, “How much does a single click from Google or Facebook or any pay per click add cost?” Now, they usually bark out all kinds of different prices because, the truth is, it really depends on the market you’re in and how competitive you’re advertising is. But, let’s just get a couple of solid examples to play with.

This is where you can get Google’s estimate of how much a single click would cost you if you were to advertise with them.

Now, I’m in the internet marketing universe, so let’s just give you an initial example. Let’s enter Internet Marketing into their search tool. Now, Google is saying that the approximate cost per click would be $11.88. I mean, good grief!

But, just between you and me, I would never make that broad and unfocused keyword phrase a part of my advertising. That’s really important. Keep watching and I’ll show you why and how this will totally change the way you work online.

Okay, so, since I'm mostly known for video marketing lets see what that phrase might cost me to get a click.

Well, it’s a little better. It’s $6.39 per click. Well okay, it’s still really expensive. I guess the question I’m asking is:

If Google is saying that click is going to cost me over 6 dollars for video marketing, how much is it worth to be able to send somebody 98 messages? Hold that thought for just a second.

Cuz, here is where it gets pretty cool and, I have to admit, I didn’t realize it until I did a little research on iContact.

On one side of the page are the subject lines of the messages I’ve sent to the subscriber. I can tell you from memory that a couple subject lines were for affiliate promotions. Actually, a bunch of these were. That’s right. The majority of emails that I’ve sent this person were promotions for products that I got to collect a commission for, but I didn’t have to produce a product, have a shopping cart for, or have customer service to deal with.

In fact, I didn’t even have to sell the product. That was up to the marketer that I promoted. Now, at this point in the conversation, the folks I’m talking to are buying me drinks. And, since I’ve had a couple of Mojitos (I’m a bit of a cheap date because I don’t drink very often), I start to spill my guts and really connect the dots for them.

My list of email subscribers is, without a doubt, the most
valuable asset I have in my business. It’s more valuable than
my brand. It’s more valuable than my joint venture partners.

It’s even more valuable than all of the products that I control or have. In fact, every single move I make online, whether it’s blogging, making videos, building friends and followers in social media, or even launching a product, is really all about executing a Get Da Lead strategy. I tell them that 100% of my list of email subscribers have all come from one technique.

Oh, and yeah. It’s turns out that this one technique has managed to score me over one hundred thousand email addresses. So, I’m gonna call that a win, if you don’t mind. Now, this is what I do to build a list of newsletter subscribers.

I solve the biggest problem that the audience in my market has and I do it for free.

What I’m saying is that I give away concentrated, focused, premium quality information to anyone that wants it, in exchange for their email address and their permission to send them more transformational information and useful offers.

What I give away is a free premium.

Or, because I like to make up goofy little names, I call it a FREEMIUM. Now they immediately ask me to give them an example.

This is a DSLR.

That stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. In other words, IT’S A CAMERA! Anyway, I’ve owned and used all kinds of digital cameras because one of my hobbies is digital photography. This camera right here is a Canon 1D Mark 4. Here it is on Amazon.

Just the body without a lens sells for, like $4,999.95.

When I tell them that, they’re like, “Whoa! You must be pretty serious about this hobby to own a camera like that.” Well, here’s the thing. Take a look at this photo I posted to Facebook.

This is a series of photos I shot from my home office balcony.

The fact is, and this is really my point, people that are really into their hobbies will find all kinds of different ways to pursue them. And, they need all kinds of information to help because they have all kinds of different topical challenges. For example, if you wanna tap into the market of digital photographers, that’s a really good market to tap because there’s a lot of different types of information and they’re all pretty needy people. But, and this is just reality, you will be a little fish in a big ocean of other digital photography experts when you first get started. I think that’s just common sense, right? But, here’s the thing about my GDL strategy. And, this is why it works so well. When it’s time to dive into a market, I always play a little game called:

The Multiple Degrees of Separation Game

What I mean is, at some point in the life of a photographer, they’re gonna want information about all kinds of other related photography topics. This is a real example. This camera of mine, well, it didn’t come with this nifty little camera bag. If you play the Multiple Degrees of Separation game, someone looking for a camera bag is probably into photography. It also didn’t come with this little polarizing filter, and yet, a polarizing filter is a photography accessory.

Camera Equipment

Meaning that a person that is looking for a polarizing filter is most likely also a photographer. It didn’t come with this memory card or even a lens cleaning kit. It didn’t come with a tripod or a flash. And, it certainly did not come with a guide on taking awesome pictures.

While these things are not digital cameras, they are most certainly only a degree or two separated from the main topic of digital photography and that means they are the same customer. Starting to see how this works?

Let me give another slightly embarrassing, yet totally real, example. I took some photographs of myself and they were just bad. My skin was all blotchy, I had razor burns, I was all sweaty in my sports jacket, my hair looked all greasy, and there was about 30 pounds of excess ugly that I was wearing on the chin. This was a huge problem at the time because I was in the middle of redesigning my blog and email newsletter and wanted to test using a photo of myself in the graphics template. I’ll admit to having a little ego. Or, at least wanting to not look so bad that my visitors would unsubscribe because I was making them lose their appetite.

So, I set out to solve this problem.

I found a free report on photo retouching. You know, where you can digitally airbrush out blemishes and, hopefully, remove obesity. A few days after I signed up to get that report, I got an email that had a recommendation for a piece of software that was pretty killer at automating photo retouching. So, I took my pictures and ran them through the software. And, well, at least I don’t throw up a little in my mouth when I see them anymore.

Here’s my point: I didn’t become this person’s subscriber because they were offering some broad information on digital photography. They got me to subscribe because they were solving a very specific need that I had with a very focused piece of transformational information.

And, literally, within 48 hours of getting their free report, I made a purchase based on their recommendation. I have no doubt in my mind that they got a commission for the purchase that I made. Now, when I get emails from that woman, I open them because, even though it wasn’t her software that I bought, her information and guidance helped me transform my situation. So, now I trust her judgment.

So, here’s the bottom line.

The woman who made that free report, even though the topic of the free report was all about photo retouching, still managed to snag a lead (that’s me) that has an interest in the overall topic of digital photography. And, trust me, I’m not done buying things about all kinds of subtopics related to digital photography.


So, here's why playing the Multiple Degrees of Separation Game is super important:

Check out These 4 Reasons!



By the way, there are even cheaper keywords for phrases like how to retouch photos and how to edit photos. In fact, there are 144 keyword ideas just from Google related to that topic. And, most of them are under a buck.

edit photos online effects

Here’s a phrase you could write a Freemium for and it’s only $0.24.

Finally, not only are you getting a lead that is much more focused, it has a more specific and immediate need. And, guess what. There are probably also digital photographers with lots of interests beyond photo re-touching. It’s really the best of both worlds. By focusing on solving specific problems with a narrowly focused Freemium, you’re capturing a lead that has an immediate need and also has an interest in other immediate needs related to digital photography, like digital cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, and software accessories. I believe that is what they call killing two birds with one stone.

So, let’s loop this all the way back to the beginning, the question that started us down this path.

What would I do if I had to start from scratch? Or, better yet, if I could
only concentrate on one marketing strategy, what would it be?










At this point, I hope the answer is obvious. If I were a beginner or had to start over from scratch or only work on one thing, I’d set out to build a list of email subscribers by giving a visitor excellent transformational information that solves an immediate need in exchange for the permission to send them more transformational information and offers.


Here’s the thing. I just did a survey on my email subscribers, right? They’re internet marketers with a lot of different immediate needs. When I asked them to tell me what they thought the most important skills they needed to have were, there were two topics that scored the highest: TRAFFIC and CONVERSION.


Let’s look at 11 REASONS why the GDL strategy
is really the most important skill, but still solves the traffic and
conversion problem.

Reason #1

Free is always easier to sell.

What I mean is, to make that first connection with the potential customer, it’s absolutely always easier to ask them to take the risk on somethings that’s free versus asking them to risk their hard earned cash on a purchase from someone they might not know. I mean, think about it. With a Freemuim you get a chance to show off. You get to show them great problem solving information when they’re probably not expecting a whole lot. I mean, it’s the ultimate risk reversal because the risk to them is practically nonexistent. It’s free.

Reason #2

Traffic is cheaper and easier to get.

Look, it’s just easier in the search engines to naturally rank your Freemiums for more focused terms. There are fewer competitors and less choices for a searcher, making your free choice stand out. And, in terms of paying for traffic, it’s almost always less expensive to go after the more focused topics. By the way, the more focused the topic, the more the immediate the need of the visitor. So, not only do you get that visitor for less money, they’re more focused on getting results and taking actions.

Reason #3

Builds Social Networks fast for even more traffic.

Sure, everybody says go get a bunch of Twitter followers and Facebook friends, and then get into a lot of Google circles. But, there’s two problems: Number one: How do you do that? Number two: What do you do with those friends and followers once you have them? Well, check it out. If you’re giving away awesome Freemium information on your fan pages or when you Tweet, do you think you’ll get more Likes, Adds, Friend Requests, and re-Tweets than if you were, instead, talking about what you just had for lunch?

You absolutely will. Now, when you’re communicating with your social network, you’re communicating solutions and value. And, that’s how your messages go viral in a network. Then, that gets you even more traffic just by being cool and solving other people’s problems.

Reason #4

You can surround a market from every angle.

Just think about how many specific problems you can solve with a simple Freemium.

Take the digital photography market as an example. You can create specific Freemiums on cameras from all different price ranges, from dirt cheap to uber expensive. You can create Freemiums on accessories from tripods to camera bags, to different kinds of filters, wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses, zoom and prime lenses, auto focus lenses, motion stabilizing lenses, software for grain removal or different looks and styles, panoramas, lights, backgrounds, bulk paper, and fabric. The list is endless and I’m just a hobbyist making those topics up. I bet you could brainstorm your market for 10 minutes and come up with dozens of different Freemiums. That would let you literally surround the market from all topic angles. Anywhere a visitor looks, you can be there with solutions for them.

Reason #5

Immediate value to your visitors and your business.

Check this out. A visitor that gives you their email address in exchange for one of your Freemiums gets an instant positive experience.

You’re actually helping people. You can give them even more help and value by offering a product, service, or affiliate offer right in that Freemium. And, because you’ve got the permission to communicate with them, follow up right away with even more solutions. If you do this correctly, you might find that a significant percentage of your new subscribers will buy something from you or an affiliate offer you’re promoting immediately. I’m talking about right after they sign up for your Freemium. Pretty cool, right?

Reason #6

Long term value to you and your business.

This, frankly, should be Reason # 1 and here’s why:
The more you give, the more you get.

For example, take the subscriber I showed you that has opened my emails 98 times in the last couple of years. When you build a relationship with a person over time, they might purchase more than one product from you or take more than one of your affiliate recommendations. I’ve had email subscribers on my list for 8 years.

Many of them are proud to tell me that they’ve purchased every single one of my products in that time. I’ve earned those people’s trust and patronage simply by giving them valuable information over and over again.

Then, they’ve rewarded me by becoming a customer and adding revenue to my bottom line.

Reason #7

The lowest risk.

With just one subscriber I can expose them to many different offers and I can do it over time.

I’m sure most of you can identify with this… Whether you’re talking about a hobby, a life style, or a business, many of your specific needs are time dependent. Like, sometimes you just want to lost fat. And, sometimes you just want to build muscle. Well, if I’m getting emails from a fitness person, sometimes they send me information about losing fat and sometimes they send me information and offers about building muscle.

My point is, at one time or another, what they send me and what my immediate needs are, are going to intersect.


Then, I’m gonna take action.

That means they don’t have to have psychic abilities to know what my immediate needs are once I’m on their list. They just have to give me consistent value and, eventually, what they’re offering and what I need are going to line up. Now, for me, that might take a day or a month or a year. But, eventually it will line up. If you’re smart and you survey and interact with your subscribers, you can dramatically shorten the time it takes to line up with their needs and create more value for them and more revenue for you, faster. It’s all possible because of just one premium product.

Now, imagine having more than one product working for you in the market place.

Reason #8

Build a great reputation in your market and
attract joint venture partners and affiliates.

This is no secret.

When you have a list of e-mail subscribers, affiliates will come to you. They’ll come to you to promote their products because they see that you’ll provide their subscribers with value from your Freemiums…

…and commission opportunities for themselves. When you’ve surrounded a market with a couple of killer Freemiums, other marketers might want to joint venture with you with all kinds of options, including creating jointly authored products or even positions in equity in new businesses.

Reason #9

Cheap and easy technology.

When I’m asked what type of systems and technologies it takes to run this kind of business, I can happily give a short answer:
“Basically, you need a blog and an autoresponder service to get started.”

I like using WordPress because it’s so flexible and FREE. With a little bit extra, you can really make it a power house of design and functionality. And, there are literally dozens of autoresponders and list services that cost about the same price as a couple of Mojitos per month.

To create your Freemiums, you can use any word processing software out there that makes PDF files. So, Microsoft Word, Apple’s Pages, even Open Office (which is free) will work just fine. And, you can get fancy, too. You can make videos as Freemiums. Those are great for tutorials, especially for software and web stuff.

But, you don’t have to. In fact, you can start out making free reports or check lists, or flow charts and mind maps if you want to get fancy. Once you start generating money, then you can branch out and experiment with video. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and, of course, you’ll need a computer and internet access.

Reason #10

Freedom to have fun and test cool stuff.

You know what sucks? Creating a product that no one wants to buy.

You know what’s awesome? Knocking out a quick little Freemium that’s totally off the cuff and finding out that people are crazy excited about it.

What I mean is, you can create great Freemiums in a day.

Once you know how to do it, of course. That means that you can have tons of fun messing around with all different types of cool and unique topics because you’re not risking all that time and effort to create a full-blown product. That means you can test-market all kinds of topics and, based on the response you get to your Freemium, it’s up to you to decide if you want to go ahead and spend the time to make the full-blown product from that topic. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Maybe you just want to promote another product and get a commission. The point is, when you know that you can dig in to a topic or market without risking a ton of time or energy on a product, you’ll always be working on only the most profitable topics and products and you’ll still be creating new subscribers, even if the response to your Freemium is only lukewarm.

Reason #11


I’m talking about true automation.

You work once on creating your Freemium. Then, you use the power of autoresponders to automatically follow up with your new subscriber. Once you’ve built your little funnel of communications for one Freemium, you just “repurpose” that funnel for a different Freemium, and you can focus on doing what you love: Giving value and making money.

Here’s a little bonus reason.
I know I said 11, but there’s actually 12 reasons.

You can scale this.

You can create as many Freemiums as your imagination will let you.

You can test them on subscribers that you already have. When you see a good result and feedback from that Freemium, you put it in front of new traffic, build even more subscribers, and make even more offers.

It’s really a shampoo bottle strategy.


Now, when skeptical people call my success “luck”, I tip back my glass, swallow the rest of my drink,
plunk the empty glass down on the table and say,

“Yep! You are absolutely right!”

You see, my definition of luck is different from theirs. In my world,

LUCK stands for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

Now, first you’ll notice I’m not shying away from the word “Labor” because, make no mistake, that’s a key and operative word. You must labor. You’ll have to work to do this. But, what makes any labor worth the effort are the next 3 words: “Under Correct Knowledge”.

So, here’s the bottom line. Anytime you can:

  • Execute a business strategy that can be done effectively in just one hour a day
  • Utilize the easiest way to get ranked in the search engines to get free traffic
  • Attract only customers that have the most immediate need
  • Create immediate sales
  • Reduce the risk of creating products no one wants to almost zero
  • Work at your best with the lowest cost traffic available
  • Cause affiliates and joint venture partners to come to you
  • Naturally build social media followers, Friends, Likes, and Plus Ones for even more traffic
  • Create viral activity that spreads your offers and Freemiums automatically
  • Automate to capture, sell, and profit from every minute of every day
  • Scale as big as you want
  • Be easily outsourced
  • Build a reputation of authority and trust in your market
  • And is downright cheap to implement

Well, I’m sure you’d agree that anything you can work on that does all those things at once
is a strategy worth focusing on.

That’s the goal of my Beginner’s Luck course. After a decade, I’ve outlined my Beginner’s Luck

strategy down to the most specific actions you need to take in order to get the fastest, most
consistent results possible

Introducing The Revolutionary Beginner’s Luck Training Course


Now, Beginner’s Luck includes

and other tools to get you started quickly,
track your progress, and improve your results.

These are the same types of materials I used to train my staff. They are the core foundation of all the moneymaking projects I execute.

Now, if you’re at all familiar with my training, you know that it’s always premium education and it usually comes with a premium price. Beginner’s Luck is no exception. Well, except for the price.

While I was really comfortable selling “Beginner’s Luck” at $499, there was just one problem!

Even though the people I meet at seminars pay thousands of dollars to be there, they still ask me the most fundamental strategic questions. This means to me that, even if you’ve spent big money for a course, that doesn’t always mean that the information is what you need to start out strong and start out right. So, Beginner’s Luck is not $499.

But, the ideal customer for Beginner’s Luck is still someone who takes this seriously and wants a rock solid, time tested fundamental strategy.

Privacy Verified Business Verified Seal

“But Andy, I have a question…”

(Andy, this all sounds great, but what if I decide during my test drive access period, that Beginner’s Luck is not for me?)

GREAT QUESTION! Cuzin, I’ve got confidence in you and I have confidence in Beginner’s Luck. But, if this is just not a perfect fit, here’s what you do: During your 29 day test drive period if you want to end your test drive all you need to do is send an email to the ‘Bosses’ at our help desk. Tell ‘um you don’t want to continue in the program and that will be it. Does that sound fair? Cool.

But check it out, I don’t think you will because…

First, this is the business model that I use and have been using a long time.

Second, if you look around at other internet marketer’s blogs or in product launches and Freemiums, you’ll quickly realize that this is the strategy that most successful marketers use every day.

But still, if this somehow, for some strange and inexplicable reason, doesn’t successfully float your boat, you can cancel at any time… Just send my customer Help Desk an email within 29 days of your purchase.

And, the good news is your test drive access will be setup literally within just a few minutes.

All you need to do is Click the ‘ADD TO CART‘ button below and complete the checkout process.

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Remember, this system is not only common sense. It’s also proven.










It’s exactly what I do day in and day out.

Whether it’s for new products, affiliate promotions, product launches, social media, and even contests, there is still no market I know of that this system doesn’t work for. And, since you get all these materials upfront, there’s no risk to you. If you don’t like it or don’t think it will work for you after consuming the training, you can get all your money back.

So, to get some Beginner’s Luck now, click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below and get started right away.

Remember, you can start doing this in just an hour a day. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re still employed. Doesn’t matter if you have a full time job or a part time job. Doesn’t matter if you do this at nine o’clock or eleven o’clock at night, or even one o’clock in the morning.

Just an hour a day and, within 30 days, you’ll have your first Freemium and marketing campaign. If you work even a little bit harder, you could have several. So, just click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below and you can get started.

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