Ops, You got me…
We actually had a whole worksheet planned to help people ‘scout’ out the pet stains and odors, and 10,000 labels went to print with it before we approved/settled on it. So the concept never came to flourishing.

The idea was to keep people thinking about their pet stains in between the time they watched the video and received the product, and also to get them to build a ‘war’ sheet for what to try the product on and to take ‘before’ pictures of the spots. After some testing, no one ever actually did all this work so we ‘aborted’ the worksheet.

Basically, to use the product:
The only thing you really need to keep in mind is 1) you need to remove all physical excrement (feces, vomit, etc) first, then 2) just start spraying ‘ECO 88 Brands’ on the affected area. Think about really bad stains/odors like an ‘onion’, the product will extract 1 layer of the onion at a time so you may need multiply applications to completely extract all the stain/odor.

Other than that, there is really no way you can mess up using the product, all you need to do is spray and walk away.

Once again sorry for the worksheet blunder!