If you are questioning how you can remove a pet dog pee smell from carpeting then I assume I could assist you. I have 2 pet dogs and among them always urinated on the carpeting but I obtained so aggravated one day that I merely determined to do some aspect of it. I found out exactly how to cleanse eliminate the canine urine smell from the carpeting and at some point educated them to never do it once more. Below are several of my top suggestions.

  1. Paper Towels – Get yourself a great deal of paper towels. What you require to do is visit the area on the carpeting that has the pet dog pee odor and you will have to saturate up as a lot of it as you can with those paper towels. I can’t stress sufficient just how important this stage. You may want to acquire a pair of non reusable gloves like washing up gloves as this phase can be a little messy. Likewise you could wish to take down some paper towels and leave a massive weight on them for some time to obtain optimal outcomes
  2. Acquire Sodium bicarbonate – Get yourself some baking soda and sprinkle it over the area where your pet dog has actually urinated. If anything make certain that you really make use of way too much instead of too much less because you do not intend to need to waste your time undergoing this process once again. After sprinkling the soft drink, leave it for concerning 30 mins to 45 mins to settle and get up that canine pee odor.
  3. Hoover – Now, obtain your vacuum out and hoover the entire area a number of times to make certain you acquire up all the baking soda that has absorbed the dog pee odor and discolor if there is one.

There may still be a mild aroma of do pee airborne however if you open up a home window and spray a little air freshener that need to enter minutes as it was purchased out of your carpet by the baking soda.