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The bottom line is we want to help you fix your pet stain & odor problem. If My Pet Peed doesn't completely fix your problem, we don't want to keep your money. It's that simple!




For Most Common Pet Stains and Odors:

Just remove as much physical matter (excrement, vomit, etc.) as possible and then blot up excess moisture. Spray My Pet Peed until area is saturated. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. After stain is removed, wipe area with a clean damp cloth. That's it!


For The Toughest Pet Stains and Odors:

Think of pet stains and odors as an 'onion'. My Pet Peed works on extracting one 'layer' of the 'onion' at a time. So if tough pet stains or odors persist, just repeat applications until all the 'layers' have been completely extracted.




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In this video, you see My Pet Peed being applied to a vomit stain. The stain was from a sick dog, and had grass and dog hair in it.

The tough pet stain was removed completely after 4 applications of My Pet Peed.

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NOTE: If you notice in this video it took a lot of pumps to apply the product.
In reality The bottle of My Pet Peed was almost empty when this video was shot, and the product was missing the pickup tube when we tilted the bottle to spray and only barely misting. ;0)

In this video, our dog Zora was in heat, and bleed all over our light colored couch.

In the video you can see spots where our housekeeper tried to 'clean' the stains, but actually just spread them. Then there are some concentrated spots where Zora was just lying and (pardon being so graphic but...) the blood just soaked in like an ink pen in spots.

The bottle of My Pet Peed we had was almost empty when we shot this so that is why there were still spots left. We concentrated on the large 'spread' stain in this video.

As you see, as soon as My Pet Peed came in contact with the organic (blood) stain it started to bubble and foam up. This is a great sign and tells you the product is working. In the video, we show the couch in time-laps (fast-forward) just so you can see what that tan couch is starting to look like after it dried out (and regains its natural color).

After the video was shot, we got another bottle of My Pet Peed and just continued to spray the saturated and stained areas of the couch until they quit bubbling when we applied the product. The couch is now 100% free of the blood stains!

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In this video, Andy sprays a large pet stain on his carpet and about 30 minutes you can see that the stain is almost completely gone.

You’ll notice when he applies the product, he is doing it correctly; literally soaking the carpet so that the product makes it all the way down to the carpet padding. This insures that even the bacteria that resides in padding is treated.

You can also see as soon as he applies the product that it instantly starts to ‘bubble’ or ‘foam’ up. That is a sign that the product is working on any organic bacteria. We recommend that you continue to treat an area until you can no longer see any of this ‘bubbling’ or ‘foaming’. Think of a pet stain or odor as an onion; you must pull away one layer of it at a time.







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