Why Pet Stains & Odors Return

The truth is: It’s not your fault!

If you’re like me you’ve probably struggled with not only removing pet accidents, but also keeping those pesky odors and stains from resurfacing again.

In this video you are about to watch, you will learn…

  • Why stains often return – even if the product worked to remove the odor
  • The reason why pet odors are so much worse on hot and wet days
  • Why you need to be extra careful with a carpet cleaning machine
  • How hiring a professional cleaning company can actually make matters worse

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So what’s the solution?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Ok, now I know what DOESN’T work. But what is the solution?”

Well, that is exactly what I asked the Ex-Carpet Cleaner, and what he told me was that after trying ever commercially available product under the sun, he started to mess around with mixing up his own custom solution.

He told me that his goal was to create a solution that…

  • didn’t rely on enzymes to work
  • that wasn’t detergent based
  • that didn’t use fragrances or perfumes
  • that was environmentally safe and could be used around pets, kids and plants.
  • that didn’t contain and harsh chemicals or bleaches.
  • And the solution had to work to permanently remove any type of accident that could come out of a living/breathing creature including; urine, feces, vomit, blood, sweat and more.

So he started to test different combinations and mixtures in the search for a solution. The beauty was that as a professional carpet cleaner, he had the opportunity to literally try his different solutions every single day of the week.

This trial and error went on for a good 6 to 9 months. Mixing up solutions, testing, getting feedback then tweaking the solution some and trying again. Some things he tried worked on the odor, but did nothing for the stain. Others were the opposite, they would work on the stain, but left a weird odor afterwords.

Finally all the the effort and testing paid off and he did stumbled upon the perfect mixture that met all his original criteria.

How I Got My Hands On The Solution… 

So naturally I ask, “Well, how can I get my hands on some of this solution?”

I could tell my question kind of caught him off guard, like he never even though that someone might be interested in just the PRODUCT, and not the full cleaning SERVICE.

A little bewildered he said “well I guess I can make you batch of it”

HALLELUJAH, after all this long story of why other stuff doesn’t work, and finally he was willing to share a the magical solution with me.

Then, I Needed More…

So about a week later I came back and get 5 gallons of the solution from him and quickly headed home to try it out for myself.

That night I spent about 2 hours running around my house like a mad man. There I was running around with a spray bottle of the solution, on these little micro-scavenger hunts for anything and everything that halfway resembled a stain or smelt.

Literally I would spray and saturate the area, move on the the next, and then come back 20-30 mins later to check on them.

When I checked on them, I could tell I was making progress and it was ALMOST gone, I would just apply and the second application usually did the trick.

It was unreal, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t have to scrub or blot after spraying and yet the stains and odors were COMPLETELY GONE.

I ended up using about a gallon and half of the solution getting my house back inline.

I Started To Share The Product With Friends…

I still had a few gallons worth of the solution left. So, I started pouring in into smaller bottled and sharing it with friends and family that I knew had pets.

They probably thought I was crazy when I handed the a blank white spray bottle and said; “Just trust me, and try it. It works on anything that can come out of an animal and can be used on carpet, hardwood, furniture, litter boxes, and in/around pet bedding. All you have to do is spray and walk away”.

Well, after receiving the 5th call where one of them told me about how amazed they were with this stuff, and asking me for more, I realized I might be onto something here and that there might be a lot more frustrated pet owners out their who might be interested in some as well.

It Started To Snowball…

Long story short, I contact the Ex-Carpet Cleaner and told him what I was thinking, I asked him that if I could get the word out about the solution through a website, would he make it for me. And he said “yes”

Luckily, back in the day when I was selling stuff on eBay, I had read the ‘websites for dummies’ book and learned how to build html websites.

I decided to call the solution “ECO 88 Brands”, and threw up an ugly website just to see if people would try this stuff.

It took a while, but people started to stumble upon the website, and some brave soles even ventured to try ‘ECO 88 Brands’.

I think the only reason they tried it was because I had such an insane guaranteed:

If they tried ‘ECO 88 Brands’, and they weren’t 100 satisfied I would refund 100% of their money for the product PLUS the shipping and handling, AND I didn’t even make them send the bottle of ‘ECO 88 Brands’ back to get a refund.

Funny thing was no one ever asked for a refund, and actually I started to get a ton of referrals from people that had tried ‘ECO 88 Brands’ then recommended their friends to this video and website.

As old war stories go. This is how ‘ECO 88 Brands – Pet Stain & Odor Remover’ got started.

Now It’s Going Viral…

A few frustrated pet owners tried it, shared it with their friends, they shared it with their friends, and over time it blew up to become this community of pet owners that swear by ‘ECO 88 Brands’.

In the beginning our goal wasn’t to become a huge corporation, or get ‘ECO 88 Brands’ into every story in the world. It was just to help fellow pet owners out with the challenge we all faced.

So we’re just going to continue doing what has worked so far; sharing the truth about why pet stains and odors are not your fault, why most of the cleaning options don’t work, and then personally inviting you to try a bottle of ‘ECO 88 Brands’ for yourself.

Here Is Your Chance…

So if you have either new or old pet stains and odors challenges, or maybe an older animal who cannot control their bowels as well anymore, or even just looking for a great cleaner for emergencies; I’d like to personally invite you to try ECO 88 Brands in your home.

ECO 88 Brands come is both quarts and gallons, and a quart of ECO 88 Brands sells on Amazon.com for $27.

But by buying directly from us you can save 32% off the price on Amazon.com and get two quarts for only $37.

You should see a button or link below where you can take advantage of this special offer, so go ahead and click on it now and we can get your order shipped out to you the same day in more cases.

And just like when we started out, if you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know and I’ll refund both the money for the product itself PLUS the shipping and handling charge, there is nothing to return AND we’ll part as friends.

You have nothing to lose, I’ll take all the risk in you trying ECO 88 Brands.

I hope this video was informative, I enjoyed making it for you, and I look forward to hearing about your success with ECO 88 Brands soon.




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